• February 18 2024: GNKK 2024 (Big Dutch Art Calender)

• July 9 2023: Auction ‘De aankoop’, TENT Rotterdam
‘Jas’ (coat) has been sold as one of the auction pieces

• February 2023: ‘In which situations does curiosity feel welcome?’ Thesis Master Education in Arts

• October 26, 2022: Takketour, tour made by Anne-Marie Ros and Judith van den Berg

• July 1 2022: ‘Moments for im/possibilities’, activity as part of symposium Master Education in Arts, at auditorium Tent Rotterdam

Upcoming / Now / Ongoing

2024: Brutus Takeover (August 1-4)

Ongoing since 2021: Takje, experiment in public/private space

Ongoing since 2021: Part of DIY Artwalk ‘Women in Rotterdam’, Art Index Rotterdam 

Ongoing since 2010: Motormoments