Superduo • Challenging projects • Ongoing

Geneviève Kooijman and Judith van den Berg work together as Superduo. We create projects that are playful in appearance and thorough in substance. We love challenging, curiosity and cooperation. Our projects can be subtle or bold, and take the form of attractive activities, training, routes, creative advice, education and guidance of the public.

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Musician Ed Verhoeff as host for Wake up in Jazz
Photo Marieke Odekerken

Wake up in It • Matches people • 2012 – 2019

Judith van den Berg and Wibbine Kien came up with the idea of Wake up in It in 2011. They organized and managed it together since then. Wake up in It offered a match between an artist/creative and a visitor of an event.

For instance: ‘Wake up in Jazz’ was organized during – and in collaboration with – Rotterdam Jazz festivals North Sea Round Town and North Sea Jazz. Visitors of these Jazz festivals could subscribe for a match to a Rotterdam Jazz musician. The organization made the match, overnight stay at the home or studio of the Jazz musician was included.

Likewise, we organized:

Wake up in Art

Wake up in Jazz

Wake up in Opera

Wake up in Architecture

Wake up in Poetry

Breakfast in Art

The concept is asleep and will wake up when interested events make themselves known.
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