Dear reader, this short introduction to my work is also an invitation to you: please let me know if things are unclear or if you have additional questions.

As daughter of a psychologist and a general practitioner, human behaviour and opinions on normal/abnormal were everyday material. This setting stimulated the observing and imagining attitude I adopted.

My educations as a behavioural scientist and as an artist made me develop my fascinations, investigations and abilities. I focused on daily views, safe perceptions, normal/abnormal behaviour, roles, awareness and ways of thinking. I became devoted to designing and discovering various views on things, and to offering these views in accessible ways. 

Nowadays my works are often temporary interventions, made for specific situations. In these situations, I try to let my work blend into the situation and make a subtle, kind change. This change gently disturbs daily views and questions the people present. How do you see this situation? If I offer you another view, are you willing to come along? Why are things seen the way they are seen? Besides the perspectives I am offering, uncountable perspectives already exist. Can you imagine what someone else is experiencing? How do you think your neighbour perceives a certain situation? Your granddad, your cashier at the supermarket? Is it necessary to agree on how we perceive things? 

‘Investigate, convert, alternate and expand’ is the order I gave myself. I like to link up with things that are already present in our daily life. This could be almost anything, from people or objects to ways of seeing things or the history of a certain place. All these things and more can serve as material. This material is explored and adapted. My findings and changes are presented to you in various ways. For instance, as a video, a photograph, an event you suddenly are part of, as a drawing, a letter, a sculpture or a book.

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