Should you have eye contact with your neighbour every time you see him/her?  Is the amount of steps you need in order to reach a certain point influenced by your mood?  How many strange faces do you see each day?  Does a brown sheep in a herd of white sheep know that it’s different?  Is it false modesty that I find it hard to promote my work?  What would be the perfect distance for you, sitting next to a stranger in the train?  Would it be nice if we change in such a way that we don’t need sleep?  Is it possible to live your life without hurting any living organism?  Would another group of animals do a better job in dominating the world?  Do you share my fascination for slightly different behaviour, e.g. someone that walks slower than most of us?  How many titles do you deserve?  Is there a paved path in the brain for the journey of unconscious elements to the conscious department, or does every unconscious element have to construct its own long and rocky road?  Does your personal space expand with or without a limit when there are no other living creatures around?  Do we need habits to feel safe, as if they were a lifeline in a sea of unexpectedness?  Why is it on some days easier to tidy up than on other days?  Would you like to communicate without words and gestures?  Where do the typed words go that are sometimes accidentally typed outside a typefield on a digital device?  Which observations make you smile?  Do you think you are playing a role in the life of others?  How far away exactly is the zone where you can imagine a person that is coming towards you as walking away from you?  Do you like to spread traces of your existence?  Do you like to find traces of the existence of others?  Would you like to share your answers with me?  Is the attitude of seeing yourself as more important than another creature responsible for all the misery in the world, or is it more complex?  Since a lot of the soothing phenomena in our life seem to stem from our experiences in the womb, would it be fulfilling to be able to go back in a big womb now and then? Or to stay in it forever?  Is it still useful somehow to have instincts that were essential during prehistory, like fear for small/large spaces or like saving bodily energy?  How close can you get to a passer-by without him/her noticing the experiment?  Does someone really understand the idea of endlessness?  How autonomous do you want to be?  Are you impressed by enforcement officers?  Is your inner collection of thoughts/memories locked for others?  At what moments do you feel like a protector?  When a basic income is set and it is not necessary to have a job, would you prefer to have a given task/role, or not?  Is it necessary to feel part of a group?