I got glasses in 2016. Until that moment, my eyesight was perfect, and I hated the idea of having to wear glasses. When this became inevitable, I decided to buy glasses and to wear them only in dangerous situations like driving my bike or car. You probably guess what happened: I wear them all the time.

That is of course because of the relaxation they gave my eyes, but something else happened: the glasses gave me a different way of seeing. My life before the glasses now seems like a big overwhelming sea of impressions. I could see everything around me at the same time, which was usually too much.

Having to look through my glasses obliged me to choose. What do I focus on? This made me more conscious of my interests, and more attentive for the people and things around me. I lost the chaotic feeling of having to overview everything completely in one moment. Of course it is strange that I had this feeling of having to overview everything, but it had apparently grown into an automatic mechanism.

I am very curious about your experiences with seeing, with or without glasses. To share your stories/experience: info(@)judithvandenberg.com