Takje • Experiment • 2021/2022

A group of twigs is given a number and the text “keep or give away”, and the web-address www.takje.org. These twigs are spread: people get a twig from someone, or find one in their letterbox. Twig is an experiment. What are you looking at, what draws your attention? What does it take to make you curious? A twig is not a sexy topic. A twig blown off randomly is something you can easily walk past. But if such a twig gets a text and is brought to your attention, does that make a difference?

• Of some things we say “that deserves our attention”. When does something “deserve” our attention, your attention?
• Can you imagine a twig living a secret life?
• Is a twig with a number on it and a small text essentially different from a twig lying on the ground outside?
• Do the numbered twigs still remind you of a tree, of nature? Or are the numbered twigs independent objects, disconnected from their origin?
• Big topics occupy a lot of people. Maybe all of us. For example injustice in various forms. Small topics also concern us. The sun is shining. Someone does something nice. Sometimes subjects become too small or unimportant. Consider the difference between a dog and an ant. Or between a tree and a blade of grass. Or between a good conversation and the passing of an unknown person. Where is the limit for you, when subjects are too small or unimportant?
• What do you enjoy? For example, what makes you smile?

(Reactions are posted on the ‘Reactions’ page on the Takje.org website)

This project could be realised thanks to a contribution of ‘Stichting Droom en Daad‘.