Photo Maarten Laupman

Doors on the ceiling • HET PLAFOND (THE CEILING), Rotterdam (NL) • 2020

According to the owners, Guus Vreeburg and Willem Besselink, HET PLAFOND (THE CEILING) is a transition space. A space between the inside and the outside, between upstairs and downstairs, between private and public.

Thanks to their stories about HET PLAFOND and my own preference for swapping and reversing, I became mildly obsessed with this space. I ended up creating 6 doors for this space: 3 on the window, 3 on the ceiling.

A door is a magical object between 2 spaces, or between 2 appearances (you on one side of the door, and you on the other side). You adapt to a different atmosphere, a different size, to the function of a space, to the people that are present (or not), to whether something is expected of you. Anything can happen to you when you go through a door. You can feel bigger or smaller. You can suddenly stand out, become invisible, or enter an upside-down world.

Deuren op het plafond can be seen 24/7 from the sidewalk of the Gedempte Zalmhaven until March 22 2020. On request a visit to the inside of the space is possible, contact the artist at

Guus Vreeburg, art historian, wrote a text about this presentation. This text is currently being translated, you can read it here in dutch.
Use this link to visit the website of projectspace HET PLAFOND

Photo Maarten Laupman
Photo Maarten Laupman