Sound for a tunnel • Rotterdam (NL) • 2016

Location: a tunnel for cyclists and pedestrians

Intervention: sound, interaction with passengers

In the tunnel, you could hear text fragments of (co)pilots and flight attendants. 3 different flights (destinations and voices) were used. For passengers, booklets with texts were available. They could choose a text from the booklet or think of their own text, and read it out loud in the tunnel. The current flight would be paused, and the passenger who wanted to speak was given a microphone.

Thanks for your voice: Dido Jäkel, Jan van Peet, Odile Jordan, Jeroen Hoorn, Marije de Bont, Martin Jäkel
Thanks for the electricity: Michiel Kappetein
Thanks for your advice and cooperation: WG Theatertechniek, Rob Wagelmans, Marc Kossmann, municipality of Rotterdam