In which situations does curiosity feel welcome? • Thesis • 2023

Thesis Master Education in Arts
Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
126 pages

My work combines artistic exploration with psychological and educational insights. A dialogical and experimental way of working opens up the possibility of seeing things in different ways. These different ways are described by me as ‘various views’. When analyzing my previous and current work I realized that I design  exploratory situations for specific groups of participants, and I became aware of the importance of curiosity in these situations. What would be needed in a situation in order for curiosity to be aroused? This question led to my research project ‘In which situations does curiosity feel welcome?’

This thesis can be downloaded here.
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Moments for im/possibilities
Public presentation Master Education in Arts
Tent Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Insights of my research were translated into a public presentation called ‘Moments for im/possibilities’. Visitors were guided by texts in a booklet to engage in various group activities. The activities triggered them to experiment with possibilities and impossibilities, and to focus on moments in daily life in which you could open up to im/possibilities.