I desire, I am not afraid • Table, figures, texts, drawings • Art space ‘Eye love you’ Rotterdam • 2016
Saminte Ekeland and Rolf den Dunnen, initiators and curators, planned this exhibition in their Art Space ‘Eye love you’. They came up with a group of artists and a theme: ‘I desire, I am not afraid’. I made a scene-like installation with a table, figures of clay, texts and drawings, result of my thoughts on anxiety and desire. Driving forces behind behaviour, fears and desires are always related to others. How much power do you want to have over others, how autonomous do you want to be? How close can you get to someone, do you feel appreciated by others, do you take into account what others want: a lot, a bit, a little? Do you think you are playing a role in the life of others, where do you place boundaries in your behaviour towards others, how close can others get to you? The public was allowed to change the positions of the figures on the table.

Participating artists:  Saminte Ekeland, Rolf den Dunnen, Robert Stroomberg, Rabin Huissen, Moritz Ebinger, Judith van den Berg

they keep me for someone they know

someone just as nice and curious as you are