Fantastic work • Auction De Aanschouw • Tent Rotterdam / Klundert • 2017

Fantastic work is a work of art that was offered at the yearly ‘Aanschouw’ auction. The work auctioned by me was an idea: the work was going to be made for the person that would buy it at the ‘Aanschouw’ auction.

This person could come up with a location, I would investigate this person and the location. The idea would be based on my impressions of the owner and the location. ‘Fantastic work’ was sold at the auction on January 13. I visited the owners, they wanted the work to be developed for their new home. They showed me their house and told me a lot about themselves. Their personalities and private stories made me develop Amen. 

The work of art consists of the word Amen made as a stamp, in 5 different languages. Amen originally meant ‘It is’ or ‘So be it’ in most languages. I suggested that I would stamp this word throughout their house at various places. The ink can be used on every surface and is waterproof. Their son Max helped to stamp at a few places. The suitcase with stamps is left behind, so at any moment they can extend this work, in their own house or at other places.