Airblending • Kunstvlaai Amsterdam (NL) with Fam. Ruim. • 2012

November/december 2012: Kunstvlaai 2012, INexactly this, with Fam. Ruim.

Air enters your body, leaves it and then enters someone else’s body.
That sounds pretty intimate. Yet it looks like we don’t bother, we share air with everyone, everyday.

Airblending (Luchtmixen) reflects on the way we feel about sharing air. 420 jars were filled with air in Zuid-as offices. The jars were spread throughout the Kunstvlaai building. Visitors were invited to open the jars. By doing so, they blended office air with art air. Each jar contained a uniquely numbered certificate for the person that opened it. The opened jars were collected and filled with art air. Then they were redistributed in the offices of the Zuid-as.

With special thanks to Ernst & Young, Akzo Nobel en Boekel De Nerée; locations Zuidas