Extraordinary Services • KORT, Tilburg (NL) • 2011

In 2011, the project ‘Extraordinary Services’ took place in Tilburg (April 4 – 24 2011). A new service: temporary city-staff carried out extraordinary services, without asking if these services were wanted. The temporary employees wore uniforms with the logo of this project. The performed services:

pre-heating chairs
looking at someone intense
calling out the time
having a short conversation
pushing swings
pumping up soft bicycle tyres

On the website www.bijzonderedienstverlening.nl you can find more information on the project: People wanting to take part as staff member could sign up. For staff members, instruction films for the services were made. These films can be found on the website, as are interviews with experts. These interviews refer to different views on behaviour in – and organisation of the public area.

Special thanks to KORT (Art in public space Tilburg)